About Nayukidraws

NayukiDraws is an online creative store that sells fan artwork in the form of prints, enamel pins, acrylic keychains, standees, stickers, buttons, lanyards, washi tape and more. The designs on www.nayukidraws.com are inspired from Japanese anime, video games, and pop culture.


About the Artist

Jinny is the artist behind NayukiDraws. She is an independent artist specializing in illustrating and designing cute merchandise and artworks. She has been illustrating for over 15 years and has been an active part of the Japanese Anime and Comic Con community participating in artist alleys for over a decade.

She first started off as an animation student in Sheridan College's Animation Program. However, she graduated around the time of the great market crash of 2008. As well as the year of the Writers Guild of America strike. This meant there were limited work opportunities in animation due to the market crash. And there was no work in the animation, or film industries due to no new content in the pipeline, as the writers went on strike.

Jinny leaned into her entrepreneurial spirit, and started exhibiting at Japanese anime conventions, in artist alleys as a side gig to make ends meet. It was a very stressful time. In College, she was always told, "to stop drawing anime." She was told, "You could never make a living from art by drawing anime in North America."

But her love of the Japanese anime art style and digital art medium kept fuelling her passion. Eventually, thanks to all the support she received throughout the years, this gave her the opportunity to create anime and video game inspired artwork with her full effort.

Currently, Jinny will be reducing the number of events she attends for health reasons. But she will still be creating new artworks. They will be available on www.nayukidraws.com along with several online only exclusive goods (not available at events).


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