I no longer grade pins as the rate of collector grade pins my manufacturer produces is already extremely high, and I no longer have time to grade every single pin. However, I will try my best sort my inventory and send out the best available pin at the time of your order. Please note there could be slight cosmetic imperfections, as every pin is hand made and there could be some human error.


For pins I offer, that have been graded:

Standard grade (A Grade): Highest grade I offer. Free of noticeable enamel flaws, or metal plating defects. Pretty much collector's grade.

Almost Standard grade (B+ Grade): Meant to be worn. Free of major defects but may have very minor or tiny specs or imperfections like small air bubbles in the enamel, small scratches, small places of low enamel fill, specs in enamel, small plating defects at the edges, etc. These imperfections are only noticeable when pin is inspected closely. Most errors in this grade would not bother the casual collector. But if you are more picky about the quality, I recommend you purchase Standard grade.